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J Brian Pfeiffer is a self-taught sculptor who has been creating in concrete since 1992, and stone since 2002. His sculptures, which weigh from several to a few thousand pounds, range from figurative to abstract static forms.

"I am influenced by the vast array of emotions, feelings, and life's lessons that make up our individual being. Thus, every piece is created in part from the soul. Tactile art is very stimulating because we live in a three-dimensional world. To be able to touch and feel different textures helps process the journey of our experience in this life, and allows one to come into contact with the deeper self.

Art should elicit emotion --- positive or negative. If it stirs a response from the core, then the artist has succeeded in capturing an essence; a personal reflection from within or a memory. That is what art should be about: the connection of emotions and feelings with the soul."                    -JBP